I read a really great book on panic, actually a few, unfortunately I don’t remember which one it was that gave me this list, but it helped. I used to start my day by reading off this list, and when another attack struck I would pull out my piece of paper and read them off to help calm myself. ::When I find which one, I will cite the source::

– I am not ashamed of my panic and anxiety

– What can I learn from Panic instead of being terrified of it?

– I want to face the symptoms to gain new skills.

– It’s okay to be anxious.

– I won’t guard against anxiety and panic.

– I will consider all of my “tests” as practice, not “tests”.

– I will be okay with myself if I am not able to do something I want to do. I will not consider it a failure, just practice.

– I can live with uncertainty.

– It’s okay if it doesn’t work.

– I will allow the anxiety to do what it wants without trying to stop it.

– I will try to allow myself to let go of control. The more I can let go, the better.

– Each panic situation is an opportunity to practice.

– The best way to get through panic is to allow it.

– I can accept these thoughts for what they are – feelings. I have had them before and it’s no big deal.

– The more I allow the panic and anxiety the better.

– This will get better, it just takes time. I can try to accept that I am making progress.

– Setbacks are a normal part of recovery. I will try and welcome them as they happen.

– It’s okay to have a panic attack. I will try not to fight it and allow it to happen.

– The more I allow these panic feelings the better.

– When I stop caring about panic attacks, they will go away.

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