annnnnd no one’s coming over.

I’ll just say one thing about this last week, in case nobody knows it. Thanksgiving is still Thanksgiving, even when you’re a vegetarian. Before my house turned vegetarian, I used to always be the one to host the traditional holiday meals and I loved it. Once we announced vegetarian, all of a sudden extended family members were too busy, had other plans, and some admitted “it just isn’t Thanksgiving without a Turkey.”

So, here is a little blurb about life as a Vegetarian and what I’ve learned.

1. Where to find the protein, green peas, chickpeas, beans, quinoa, nuts, nut butters (almond butter and almond cheese is AMAZING), tempeh, tofu, edamame, kale, spinach, hemp, chia seeds, seeds in general, etc, etc, etc. These are just to name a few of my favorites.

2. You’ll feel cleaner and less hungry, it’s like your inner organs get a car wash.

3. If you don’t tell anyone that you’re a vegetarian, no one will be the wiser and they will probably accept your dinner invitation. I never had issues with dinner invitations getting declined before we announced vegetarian, in fact, never have I heard the phrase “I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy” more often.

The truth is, without knowing it was going to be vegetarian, they might have attended, adored the wild mushroom, shredded asiago cheese pizza and been none the wiser. When we went out to dinner with our meat-and-potatoes-only friend, I was surprised when he ordered a vegetarian dish instead of his meat and potatoes, he assured me though, that since the restaurant wasn’t vegetarian it didn’t make it weird.

p.s. We switched to vegetarian for health reasons after we lost my Dad to cancer. (Forks over Knives, watch it)

p.p.s I’m not a card carrying, sign toting member of PETA, or anywhere close to it, I love leather shoes.

p.p.s.s. There are some really weird vegetarians out there, but you can usually spot them with their skirts made of hemp and unwashed hair. At least you can in Seattle.


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